Clàudia Aguiló
Judit Parés
Carlota Bimbela 

Biennal Ciutat i Ciència
Nus Teatre
OpenSystems UB

Analysing violence in public spaces (physical violence, verbal abuse, sexual harassment…) from a gender-based perspective makes us realize how normalized those acts are. Researching, raising awareness and debating about those situations contributes to question our role in front of those acts.


The 11th of February, during the “City and Science Biennale”, there was scientific research conducted by citizen participation with digital tools. Four performers told us situations they lived and viewers had to decide what reaction they though the would have had. All the data was collected through a digital platform and the conclusions were presented at Ca l’Alier during the Mobile Week Barcelona.

We worked on a multidisciplinary and intergenerational group that, through collective research and direct action in the territory propose the fulfilment of a specific mission. Our role in the projecte, as a team of four designers, was to design the interaction, the devices and the graphic communication of the experience.