Fig.01    Digital neo-nun, with Julia C. Parodi
Fig.02    La Furtiva 2018 wine, with Oriol Cabarrocas. Photo: Albert Villegas
Fig.03    Tandem glasses, with Oriol Cabarrocas
Fig.04    Jewerly from my grandma’s lamp, with Arnau Anglada
Fig.05    Shell Mix 15" White Case for MacBook Pro, with Oriol Cabarrocas

Fig.06    Selfie
Fig.07    Deep fried jewelry, with Oriol Cabarrocas
Fig.08    Fake Juicy Salif promo 
Fig.09    Dunne&Raby workshop at Boisbuchet, with Laia Miret
Fig.10    PussyNails™, prosthetic nails to masturbate with joy. Project by @las_oblicuas