(with @arnauanglada + @diescheuche)

In a mega–hypocrite society individuals afiliate to ideological groups even if those don’t fit with their values and moral beliefs, hiding behind a pseudo-identity: Equalitarists, Conformists or Egotruists. The Equalitarists defend equalitary if they are the ones at the top and they and deny that some individuals have  priviledges for the fact of being [white, male or rich –etc–]. The Conformists don’t trust communities, they hide behind a central position on debates and they just focuses on its individual body and mind. The Egotruists do pseudo–altruistic acts just for self–fulfillment.

All individuals have the same Basic Living Unit (BL1), a basic space with three main elements that allow doing all actions. One is for actions that are done sitted: rest or poop, the other for those that are done laying: sleeping or having a bath, and the last one for those that need to be done standing: storage and cooking.
Basic Living Unit (BL1) scheme.

Basic Living Unit (BL1) scenography.

BL1 use of elements for actions: lay, sit or stand.