Designer and visual researcher from Barcelona, currently based in Eindhoven (NL)
Co–founder of Oblicuas collective

Mail: elsacsampe@icloud.com
Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin

2022: (upcoming) ‘Función Rota’, Sala d’Art Jove (Barcelona, SP)
2022: DAE Graduation Show 2022, Microtuin, Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, NL)
2021: ‘Erratic Logic’ GEO–Design, Milano Design Film Festival (Milano, IT)
2021: ‘Infrastructures to Capture’ at Pedagogies of the Sea, MAAT (Lisboa, PT)
2021: Ways of Protest, Elysum Gallery (Swansea, UK)
2020: ‘The Table Knife Project’, Barcelona Design Week (Barcelona, SP)
2019: SOS show, South London Gallery (London, UK)
2019: Objectar el Món (with Oblicuas), Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona, SP)
2019: Understanding L’Hospitalet, Cervantes Institute (Milano, IT)
2018: La Noche de los Jueves, _2B Space to Be (Madrid, SP)
2018: The Future Starts Here, Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK)
2015: Design to Feed the World, Fabbrica del Vapore (Milano, IT)
2014: Mini Maker Faire, MOB and MADE Makerspace (Barcelona, SP)

2022: Artista en Residència a les Xarxes de la PAAC, with Verde Chroma (Barcelona, SP)
2022: Sala d’Art Jove, with Oblicuas (Barcelona, SP)
2019: SOS School of Speculation (London, UK)

2022: ‘Cosas Rotas: Re–thinking functionalities’ with Oblicuas, ELISAVA (Barcelona, SP)
2022: ‘Fer el Got: Vermut Performàtic’, with Oblicuas, Centre d’Arts Contemporànies ACVic (Vic, SP)
2021: ‘Performing Objects’ with Oblicuas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (online)
2019: ‘Formas Disidentes: Design for the Otherness’ with Oblicuas, ELISAVA (Barcelona, SP)
2019: ‘Fake, copy and remake. Design objects in the 4.0 Rev.’ MW, L’Ex-Designer (Barcelona, SP)

2022: “Hunting Instructions” in Spread Mag Issue 5 (Rotterdam, NL)
2020: “Què Premiem? / What Do We Award?” with Oblicuas in ADI Book (Barcelona, SP)
2018: “Culte a la Còpia: Una petita reflexió –com a disenyadora– amb voluntat imparcial”, Nativa (Barcelona, SP)

2022: ‘Learning with...’ Formafantasma DDW Symposium, Kazerne (Eindhoven, NL)
2022: ‘Todo Mal: How to Transit + How to Settle’ with Julia Urreaga on DAE Arena, DDW (Eindhoven, NL)
2022: ‘Función Rota: Microalteraciones Objetuales’ with Oblicuas. CineDesign3 (Barcelona, SP)
2021: ‘Todo Mal: Precarity and/in Design. How to Exist’ with Julia Urreaga on Elevator Radio, DDW (Eindhoven, NL)
2020: ‘Making Of... Design and Identity’ with Oblicuas, Utopia126, (Barcelona, SP)
2019:  ‘L’Art com a Eina de Lluita’, Cortsenques Dissidents (Barcelona, SP)

2018: ‘17è Fòrum Indigestió’, Nativa (Barcelona, SP)


El País
Urban Club Magazine
Temes de Disseny
Diari Ara


GEO–DESIGN, Fine Arts and Design MA, Design Academy Eindhoven (Eindhoven, NL)

Capitalism Analysis and Transformational Policies, Postgraduate Diploma on Political Science, UAB/UB (Barcelona, SP)
   * Granted with the Red Renta Básica fellowship
Industrial Design Engineering BE + Product Design BA, ELISAVA (Barcelona, NL)