(with @juliacparodi)

Is Kim Kardashian just an image? What is the meaning of “god”? Is Neil Harbisson's antenna real? When can a prothesis be a non-fictional organ? How much biology is there in every organ? How do we represent organs and which meaning do they have? In a society based on spectales our image seems to mean more than our own “self”.

Organology (from Greek: ὄργανον – organon, "organ" and λόγος – logos, "study") is a pseudo–science that recognizes organs as a defining part of our inner “self” not just as functional units. Thanks to the test we can discover which organs are going to guide us in the coming weeks. Moreover, it is a critisism to the west–european scientific rationalism. This project is 30% fake and 70% true, and it uses astrology as it main referent. Its objective it's to analyze, classify and visibilize different organ’s meanings and it is based on a deep research on organ’s significance on diferent contexts such as: literature, art, poetry, music… The liver, for example, is an organ necessary for digestion but also the organ of Prometheus that each day an eagle was sent to eat as a punishment.

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